3 apps changing the way we view videos

The growing dependence on the internet as the primary source of information has led to considerable growth in content being produced for the various online platforms. It is common knowledge that video viewership is at an all-time high. Due to this steady growth in viewership, videos have become an essential tool for marketers everywhere. At the same time the use of smartphones and internet ready devices are being used extensively by the consumers to view the different types of video being produced. The popularity of these devices to consume the content has led to several apps being launched which help you filter and curate the content accordingly. The mobility factor of the devices has bought a considerable shift in the video industry. In this article, we will take a look at three of the top trending apps being used to produce and view video content.


Watching videos on the go is quite popular with every person owning a mobile device. However, there are times when a person would like to view a certain video but at a later date. There are several tricks that can be used to achieve the goal of viewing the video later. But, the best solution in the current technological environment is using the app Pocket.

brief history

Pocket, has been around since 2007. It is a utility app which lets you save content and then access it later. When the app was launched, it was specifically focused on saving and curating articles and became popular under the then appropriate name Read it later. However, in 2012 it was re-branded as Pocket and included saving images and videos. Currently the service has about 12 million users and has about 1 billion saved items.

reasons for popularity

  • Pocket allows you to save the videos that you intend to watch but doesn’t download them for offline access.  Earlier YouTube allowed user to download their videos, but recently made changes preventing the download of videos. While this posed problems for some users, Pocket has evolved to become the most reliable solution.
  • The app is available across every possible platform, and can be downloaded for free.
  • One of the best features of the app is its capability to be integrated into over 500+ applications. The open API feature of Pocket allows it to be customised according to preference, adding to its popularity.
  • The Single sign in feature allows users to move from one device to another seamlessly.


Meerkat is a live video streaming app. At present, the application can only be used on iOS devices. With this service, you can either start your own live video stream or view and existing stream through twitter. Some of the features of Meerkat are:
  • All the content generated by Meerkat is shared only on twitter.
  • There are two video streaming options – stream live or schedule a broadcast
  • Just like twitter, followers can be acquired.
  • The content can only be viewed live and there is no option for a rerun.
  • The video stream can only be backed up on the phone, it cannot be stored on cloud.
  • People watching a certain video stream can share it with their own followers in real time.


Periscope another live-streaming app acquired by Twitter, launched at the end of March. While Periscope tends to provide essentially the same experience as Meerkat, there are some differences between the apps. Some of the features of Periscope are;
  • Periscope uses a traditional interface layout with a menu bar, multiple tabs at the bottom and the option to add a profile picture or avatar
  • You can only have a live stream, there is no option to set up a broadcast for a later date.
  • Even though Periscope is owned by twitter, it allows you the option of posting the stream to Twitter or sharing it privately with certain users.
  • The stream can be replayed for 24 hours after they have been broadcast.
  • The app allows you to like and post comments, on your own or other people’s live stream to encourage interaction.
  • There is an option to geo tag the stream. The original version allowed one to zoom in to the map and view the exact location of the stream. However, in the most recent update, the geo tagging is optional allowing users to protect their locations.
The race between Meerkat and Periscope has just begun, only time will tell who will emerge as the better live streaming video app. At the same time, Pocket has showcased the potential to allow people to create a database of the videos users like and enjoy watching. All we can do is wait and watch to see which of these apps can help businesses grow and share content with their users.



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