3 new video services developed for social media apps

Video marketing has grown tremendously over the past few years. Many businesses are using videos as an essential part of their marketing strategies. The growing demand for video has seen an increase in the number of companies offering short and long form videos for various social media platforms. In this article, we will take a look at three new players in the game and discuss how they could have a major influence on the function of a video marketing company.

1. snapchat advertising

Recently, Snapchat announced the launch of their new service – Discovery. This new service will provide a new manner to bring the ads in front of the many users of the popular app. Snapchat is a popular photo messaging application. Through the application, users are able to take photos, record videos, add text, and then share with selected contacts. The app has a set time limit of 1-10 seconds, which is how long the users can view the content.  The main reason behind the popularity of Snapchat is that after the time limit, the images or video will be hidden from the receiver’s device and (apparently) permanently deleted from the servers. With this in mind, several businesses and video marketing agencies have been trying to find a way to share content with their users. While the shorter time limit was a drawback on the regular application, Snapchat Discovery is designed to meet all the business needs. Through Discovery, video marketing companies are able to create short content and share with the selected recipients. This new service has the following key features:
  1. The content will appear in the Recent Updates of the users as a message separately and will not feature in their private messages
  2. It will be entirely up to the user if they want to view the content or not
  3. The content will disappear either soon after it has been viewed or within 24 hours of appearing
This service appears to make an attempt bring the content the users would like to view through the use of a modern and popular app.

2. meerkat on twitter

Another new tool that is garnering the interests of businesses and video marketing agencies is Meerkat. Essentially, this new service allows you to live stream video from your phone, directly to your Twitter followers. As soon as your link has been uploaded, followers can view, comment, and interact with your videos. Once your video is streaming, you can watch users trickle into your feed, and whatever reactions and comments they have to your video will be channelled directly into your stream. Currently, to use the application, there are two key things you will need – an iPhone and a Twitter account (they are yet to release the app onto Android devices). Once you have downloaded the app from the iStore, connect Meerkat to your Twitter account and you are good to go. With the application you’ve got two options – stream live, or schedule a broadcast.  You also acquire followers, similar to a Twitter account. At the outset, Meerkat may seem similar to other live stream video services like Ustream, Livestream or Youtube. However, upon closer inspection one can note that Meerkat is a tool that is a lot simpler to use, easier to figure out, and better suited to amateurs. Meerkat is relatively new to the world of social media and can serve different purposes based on how businesses plan to use it. While some can manage to create fabulous live streaming content to their audience; some of the content could be downright boring, and only interesting to the streamer. At the end of the day, only time will tell how beneficial Meerkat will be for businesses and if the world of video marketing will witness a new trend of live streaming.

3. twitter buys (yet to be launched) periscope

With every passing day, companies are seeking options to share quality content with their audiences. Most social media platforms have witnessed the benefits of video and launched their own native video players. To keep up with the competition, Twitter bought Vine in late 2014, which is a six second video service. And now, Twitter has reportedly purchased Periscope – a live video streaming app. Periscope works in tandem with the way Twitter operates. The micro-blogging site has established itself as the first place where news breaks. By adding a live video streaming service, the platform is giving another dimension to the way Twitter can be utilised by users, businesses, and video marketing companies alike. Even though the app Periscope is still in its beta testing phase, its launch is one of the most eagerly awaited by such a large audience. From a business perspective, using live streaming will allow users to see how their favourite brands or companies operate in real time. Whether it is the launch of a new product or a special event, brands will now be able to share every aspect of their business with their audience. Whilst live streaming is a comparatively new trend in the field of video marketing, it brings with it a new opportunities for businesses to present themselves in innovative and creative ways. No matter how businesses make use of these three new services, there is definitely a new and exciting phase on the horizon for you and your video marketing company. For more information about the different ways you can produce videos for your business, get in touch with us at Lumeo.



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