our 4 favourite web videos of 2014

For the amount of videos that get created each and every day by both professional video production houses and amateur companies, only a very small amount of these actually go viral. We’ve done a round up of our favourite video stories of 2014 that received huge numbers of views and ended up as very useful marketing tools for the companies they were created for.

1. nrma for ‘buy my barina’

In July 2014, a car owner created a slick web video to sell their 1999 Holden Barina hatchback. The video, check it out here surmounted a massive 1.24 million views. NRMA Insurance, an insurance agency located in Australia, decided to purchase the car with purchase proceeds going to the Cancer Council. The car and its original sale advertisement has since been transformed to launch ‘Barinageddon’ a spoof film trailer which sees the car transformed into a high-powered, high-tech machine. The two-minute film trailer is designed to “drive engagement” to NRMA Insurance. Further information for the creative concept is even held on a separate domain – This idea has shown that creative thinking and compelling content can lead to campaigns that are a bit unusual but always well received by audiences.

2. air new zealand’s safety video – the most epic safety video ever made

Perhaps New Zealand’s biggest claim to fame – the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, has been reconditioned yet again for the nations most widely used air carrier – Air New Zealand. The aircraft company used a Hobbit-themed explainer video to demonstrate the air-crafts safety procedures. The video was shot over 6-days and features a number of cast members including Frodo Baggins himself. The carrier has been known for its highly effective, and often quirky, global marketing campaigns, with the main aim of getting the world talking. Collectively, the airlines safety videos have clocked up more than 30-million views online. Check out the carriers YouTube channel here for its best safety explainer videos.

3. budweiser beer at the super bowl

Super Bowl advertisements are viewed as a sort of cultural phenomenon, and many have stated that they are actually becoming more popular than the game itself. This prominence comes at a price, however, with the average cost of a 30-second commercial around $4-million. Check it out on YouTube. Budweiser generally tends to corner the market in the form of heart-warming ads. The brand appears regularly in each Super Bowl and its videos often tend to rack up the highest number of shares and views post-game.

4. first kiss

The First Kiss video has received over than 42 million views online. It is actually an advertisement for a clothing company and was created to showcase the company’s fall collection. The small clothing companies sales went up significantly since the video went viral, as did sales of the song played in the background.   What were your favourite online web videos of 2014? Leave a comment below and let us know! If you’d like to get into contact with Lumeo today in regards to creating explainer videos for your company.



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