4 misconceptions about animation

Animation, just like all things good, cops a fair bit of negative feedback. While the general consensus is ‘haters gon hate’, we thought we would take this opportunity to clear some of the air and set the misconceptions right.

Animation is the cheap way out

Okay, this is a tricky one for a few reasons. Compared to other mediums, animation is relatively cheaper – so technically animation is the cheap way out. But the connotation that comes with saying that is not true. Animation does not look cheap. Well, okay, this is another tricky one because animation can look incredibly cheap, when you hire a quick fix and they smack a few existing characters on a predesigned background it can go awfully wrong. But that’s not the type of animation we are talking about here. We are talking about unique designs that are storyboarded, specifically created and expertly animated.

It’s not serious… it’s just for kids

Animation is definitely for kids, there’s no doubting that. Cartoons, movies, kids shows and even TVC’s targeted at kids are almost all done in animation. However, that doesn’t mean that animation is only for kids. Animation has this amazing ability to portray any medium in a completely new way. Everything from the most dry corporate training video, to the most overwhelmingly bubbly kids tv show, animation can basically do it all.

Animation isn’t as good as live-action

I don’t know why people think this. It actually just boggles me. Live action is: high involvement from a lot of parties, dates extremely quickly and expensive, animation is none of these things. This belief may come from the sheer amount of live motion films and tv shows there are out there, but just because they are there, doesn’t mean they are better.

Compare these two videos, both made in 1995. This episode of nancy drew or this movie intro. I think its pretty obvious which one remains current and which one is in worse shape than my 90 year old grandfather.

It’s just a craze

“It” being animation can’t really be a craze. It’s a medium. Film isn’t going out of fashion, it has just changed styles over time. The same applies to animation. As a medium, it will constantly be changing, styles going in and out of fashion and being used in various different ways. One thing is for sure though, animation is not going anywhere. Whether the future of animation is in virtual reality or movies, whatever form it is in, it will definitely be around.

I’m glad we had this little chat, and if you find yourself hatin’ on animation again I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself and then refer back to this blog. Otherwise, if you want to learn how to ensure that you don’t make those terrible explainer videos, read this: The keys for telling a good story



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