5 proven strategies for marketing web videos

So you’ve gone and made a web video. Great. Now what do you do with it? Here are 5 things you can do to maximise the ROI for your website video.

1. make it measurable

Great marketing starts with great data. Most video hosting sites such as Youtube and Vimeo have all manner of built-in analytics for plays and views, but you can augment this tracking with some clever use of other analytic software. For example, by setting up goals in Google Analytics, you can measure the percentage of visitors who watched your video and THEN bought your product in order to determine your video’s effectiveness. Also look into sites like Omniture and Visible Measures who service video analytics specifically.

2. put it in a nice place

You’ve put all this effort into making an explanatory video – now’s the time to show it off! Display the video prominently on your website landing page or on a crucial sales page to achieve maximum effect on eyeballs. It’s amazing how effective this can be! Why should a site visitor go through the **boring** act of reading when they can simply watch a video that tells them everything they need to know about your site?

3. make it search engine friendly

Search engines these days are pretty clever at finding rich-media content that your users are looking for, but there’s a couple of things you can do to make it easier for them. Look into submitting a video sitemap. At the very least, accompany your video with a text transcript so it’ll increase search relevance and also help your users get straight to the point if they want to.

4. let your loyal customers know

Send an e-mail with your website video in it to your existing e-mail database. Your customers know what you do, and they like you enough to not have blocked your e-mail address, so give them a better way to understand your product and hopefully share it with their friends.

5. plan a distribution strategy

Putting a video up on YouTube is not a sure-fire way of getting it seen. Contrary to what most of our clients think, the chances of it going viral auto-magically are pretty slim. There is no distribution strategy for videos that is one-size-fits-all. Possible things to look into are direct platforms such as YouTube and LinkedIn that offer video advertising, real-time bid exchanges such as TubeMogul and SpotXChange, or ad networks such as Brightroll and YuMe. Speak to the team at Lumeo today about getting your explainer videos for your business as visible as possible for your potential customers.



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