6 facts you may not know about youtube and vimeo


so you’ve created a corporate video… now what?

The two main options when it comes to video hosting sites are YouTube and Vimeo. Each of these sites has their pros and cons and each have a recognisable and distinct presence online. Below we look at some of the slightly lesser known facts about both YouTube and Vimeo that are worth understanding, particularly if you are a business and unsure about where to host your corporate video. Video platforms are important marketing tools. Remember, people are always going to prefer watching a 1-2 minute explainer video rather than reading hundreds and hundreds of words of text content that isn’t engaging.


Google Owns YouTube It was October 2006 when Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion. Google loves its own products. For the context of SEO, and wanting to be recognised in the eyes of Google, the ability to be found on YouTube will prove extremely beneficial. Also, YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the web (after Google of course) and it is estimated 300 hours of new videos are uploaded onto the site every minute. Use Captions Captions will work to assist in increasing your ability to be found by users. Why? Google will more likely be able to understand the content of your video if it has captions and annotations to explain exactly what it consists of. Take Advantage of Annotations The potential that lies with annotating your video on YouTube remains largely untapped, as most people don’t know about this function as yet. Annotations work to allow businesses to add some background information into their video. It is also popular, using similar software to annotations, to link to related videos, channels, or search results, from within the video. These sorts of techniques can work to decrease bounce rate and ensure your video viewers stay on your site for longer. Try Out YouTube’s Video Editor The YouTube video editor will allow you to combine multiple images and videos that you’ve previously uploaded to create a new video that you can then customise with special tools and effects. You will be able to trim your clips to a custom length as well as add any music from a list of approved tracks. The video editor is certainly a tool that is worth learning about if you are going to make use of this video platform. YouTube Kids YouTube Kids is available for free download on both smartphones and tablets. It aims to put the minds of parents to rest, who realise there is a plethora of video content available online that is nowhere near suitable for young children. YouTube Kids provides children with a number of safe video clips with no worry of young fingers clicking onto unsuitable clips. The software also includes tools such as:
  • Kid-friendly designs
  • Parental control timers
  • Safe videos for children
  • Big icons
  • Minimal scrolling
360 Videos There is now support available for 360-degree videos. This added dimension brings another level of intricacy to the video platform. Use this function by dragging the mouse over the screen to move the point-of-view around. This will not work for all videos but for those that have 360-degree installed, it’s a great thing to trial.


  Downloadable Videos Vimeo Pro has the added advantage of providing a download option for users. Users can choose to download from 4 different sized videos so they have access to the option that suits them. Optimising for Vimeo There is a plethora of information that will tell you how to optimise a video and video channel on YouTube. However, it is a little more difficult being found if you only have your videos on Vimeo, simply because the platform is not nearly as popular (and it is not owned by Google). Below are a few tips to optimise for Vimeo:
  • Fill in your name and company
  • Include titles and descriptions
  • Include a link to your site
  • Add the appropriate tags
  • Fill in all relevant sections
Extremely User Friendly No one can deny the instant appeal of a video viewed on Vimeo compared to YouTube. They are attractive, easy to use, and best of all have no ads to speak of. Vimeo has a far cleaner user interface and a much more professional look and feel which is why it is the platform of choice for many businesses with a design and production focus. Check out the Lumeo vimeo channel here and let us know what you think!



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