6 reasons you should be incorporating corporate video into your 2015 marketing strategy

With communication being the key to any business it is crucial to get this aspect right, as it will have a large impact on how you are perceived as a business by both your current, and potential customers. In terms of innovative ways to communicate to your audiences, a video will always be well received. A video produced by an experienced company will not only boost brand awareness, but also improve your company’s reputation.

1. the rise of social media channels:

Social media channels have grown and grown over the past 5 years and there are now hundreds of possible social channels with which to advertise yourself and your business. Social media channels more often than not are excellent platforms for sharing your visual content. A corporate video, if made well, will not only be shared by your company, but it also has the possibility to be shared by many companies within your industry.

2. use videos both internally or externally

Training clips to show in-house teams, interview clips with the business owner, a video about the company’s values, and much more, your chosen video can be constructed for a variety of different purposes.

3. stay relevant with emerging trends – background video

Background videos are an emerging trend in the video world; they are very trendy at the moment. Why? When set into the homepage of your website, they have the unique ability to tell a visual story to your customers as soon as they hit your page. They give your site viewer a simple and quick indication of what your business offers without paragraphs upon paragraphs of extensive text.

4. ensure customers have a strong call-to-action

A video with its final frame a strong call-to-action is far more likely to achieve higher conversion rates than a video that ends with nothing but a brand name or logo. In order to craft a quality and highly converting call-to-action, it is a good idea to consult a digital agency that specialises in conversion optimisation, as there are numerous aspects to a good call-to-action.

5. boost brand awareness

Engage with your customers better and boost your brand or company awareness with the use of well-made corporate videos. The final clip should work to share your company’s brand and information but not annoy viewers by being solely advertising.

6. an agency produced video will deliver your message clearly & concisely

It is crucial that the message of your video is clear, concise, and to the point. Studies have shown that videos more than 3 minutes long lose over half of their viewers. Why is this? These days, consumers of media and technology want information almost instantaneously. For maximum effect with minimal effort, clips should remain under 2-minutes and have a clear message. If you wish to hire the expertise of a video marketing company to produce corporate videos for you and your team to maximise business reach and promote brand awareness then get into contact with the team at Lumeo who will be able to help you out and get your marketing strategy set in motion for 2015.



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