how an agency learnt to shift their corporate video focus internally

Here at Lumeo, we are constantly approached by CEO’s that expect our videos to be used as pitches to investors or as online web videos to boost website performance and online sales. However, it is important not to overlook the advantages of a video for your internal communication processes. Creating a video for your employees is a fun and unique way to spread information efficiently and effectively without the need for long and tedious meetings, impersonal group emails, and confused co-workers.

the advantages of internal video communication

ideal for experimentation:

Incorporating things such as upbeat background music, fun images, and interesting graphics as well as choosing varying ranges of video lengths in your internal videos can be a great way to experiment with what works and what doesn’t in terms of your external corporate videos. Granted, the mindset of your internal audience may not exactly replicate the wide and various profiles of your external audience, but experimenting with a forgiving crowd that will be more than willing to discuss both the good and bad aspects of your videos will certainly be advantageous in the long run in terms of catering to your wider audience.

scale communication:

In terms of getting information out to your employees, more often than not, several emails are exchanged back and forth before information is completely understood. Whilst it may seem overboard, sending or showing a video to your employees once per week can be a great platform. A Monday morning video with a quick rundown of all that has happened the previous week, as well as what is in store for this week, miscellaneous information such as birthdays, company events, and new team members can be also be mentioned in your “weekly wrap” video.

improve processes:

On of the advantages of communicating through internal video is that one can include “how-to” or explainer videos with certain software. For example, say your company is in the process of installing a new management system and your employees are unsure of how to use it. An internal video that is sent out (via MailChimp for example) to your employees, explaining how to use the system can be very beneficial and easy to understand with the use of screen grabs and voiceovers.  This efficiency in communication is sure to save time over a period, as well as being a far more interesting communication tool that several mundane emails.

document company culture and history:

The possibilities are endless when it comes to your internal video creation. Capturing company events and milestones on film and then either sending to your employees or uploading to your company website is one way to disseminate your company from the several others out there within your industry. Similarly, as your company evolves it will be interesting to see how your videos change and develop. They will give your company a sense of culture and history that will be fun and informative to reflect on. Approach the team at Lumeo today if you wish your company to benefit from incorporating an internal video into your overall strategy.



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