are animated videos crucial to the success of a business?

Technology has evolved at a pace that has taken everyone by surprise. It has brought about a significant shift in the way a business operates through social media, Internet ready devices, and more recently, animation. Keeping this in mind, the best answer to the question is; yes, an animated video is indeed one crucial component to the success of a business. A strong digital marketing strategy together with an interesting and creative video is definitely translated into a steadily growing business.

digital marketing and animated video

In recent times, almost every business has an online presence. From simple Google My Business pages to well-developed websites, business owners small and big are leaving no stone unturned to reach out to their audiences (and if they are not they are quickly falling by the wayside). Some of the key points that are driving business owners to embrace digital marketing techniques are:

internet is the first point of contact:

Smartphones and other devices such as tablets have become vital to help build connections between a business and its audience. As smartphones are always connected to the Internet, they have become the medium through which a connection can be forged. Customers consider their smartphones to be a primary source of information. Searching product information, comparing prices, making purchases, and even watching videos through devices is becoming second nature to consumers.

deliver customer centric content:

A few years ago, the main marketing model revolved around three core concepts – informing, persuading and reminding the customer about the business. However, the rise of Internet usage has meant businesses must provide an interactive experience for their customers. Today, digital marketing has replaced the core concepts of the model with providing a demo, involving the customer through content, and empowering them to take action. This model has witnessed businesses encompass customer focused content, often in the form of videos. Making use of videos to share content compared to text is well received by customers.

the rise and rise of video:

Online videos are one of the most powerful tools in the digital marketing kit. Video has always been popular with marketers and consumers alike. They are entertaining, informative and more easily recalled. Businesses are making use of videos with animations and graphic motion to explain their products and services to their audiences. This rise in video viewership has made YouTube the 2nd largest search engine.

what makes animated video popular?

Businesses make use of different types of video to boost their business. They are making use of video to introduce their product, launch a new business, and explain products and services. The popularity of videos being used by businesses is largely because it has a better impact on their audiences. Some more reasons why videos are a popular form of content is because:

videos lead to an increase in conversion rates

Videos allow marketers to present complex ideas and concepts in a simple, fun, engaging, and entertaining way. Industry experts say having a video on a website is likely to increase the time consumers spend on the website by 2 minutes. Videos also increase conversion rates by encouraging people to take any action your video calls for. They grab the audience’s attention and communicate with a powerful mix of picture, motion, text, voice, sound effects, and music in about 1-2 minutes. The compression of information makes is easier to be processed and recalled by the audience.

organic ranking boosts with use of video

The success of the SEO strategy is linked with the use of video. YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine after Google and is owned by Google as well. By having an excellent video with proper use of keywords in the title and description, the likelihood of appearing on the major search engine increases considerably.

the viral nature of communication

If your video appeals to the target audience, there is always the possibility of it going viral. If the video created as a part of your marketing campaign goes viral, it can significantly increase the click through rate. Similarly, using social media to share the animated video with the consumer can help you widen your reach. By using videos, businesses can reach out to niche audiences. This helps in increasing the possibility of sales and can help in improving customer loyalty. Finally, videos are not restricted to a specific industry. Every business owner can make use of this medium and present their brand to the larger global audience. If as a business owner you want to incorporate videos into your marketing content and need more information, contact the team at Lumeo.



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