If you want to truly set your business apart from the crowd and communicate with your customers in a highly engaging and entertaining fashion, there is a better chance to do it that with a high quality animated video.

But what actually makes for a high quality animated video? And who do you turn to when you want the benefit of years’ worth of experience to make sure your project is the success that it deserves to be? The simple answer is Lumeo!

Lumeo are a video production company with extensive experience in taking the needs of businesses and providing them with exceptionally high quality, fully professional animated videos in return.


Lumeo have extensive experience with every single aspect of video production, and this is true of animated videos as well. No matter what your subject matter, content and style; Lumeo have the ability to craft a truly perfect animated video that will speak to your intended audience and convey your message in a concisely elegant fashion.

All aspects of the creation of an animated video are handled by Lumeo and we take our trademark care and dedication to each single step of the process. From the initial ideas to the final editing, you can be sure that your video is subject to our stringent quality control measures to ensure that you are getting a product you can be proud to show the world. We work with you extensively to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want, that the content is exactly as you envisioned it and that the message being sent with your animated video is perfectly in tune with what you require.

We listen intently to your requests and requirements, ensuring that every single frame of the video is perfectly optimised to your business/organisation and that the message you want to convey is being done so in a concise fashion.


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At Lumeo, we take the happiness and satisfaction of our customers with the utmost seriousness and we want to make sure that you are

completely satisfied with every single element of the service we provide you.
From our initial contact and brainstorming to the final delivery of your video we want to ensure that you are getting a level of service that simply can’t be found anywhere else. There is nothing in the world that we won’t do for our clients, and we are constantly going the extra mile to make sure that they are getting exactly what they want from our service and from our final product.


Lumeo have extensive experience in all aspects of animated video production and we are constantly keeping up to date with all industry developments to ensure that your video is as cutting edge as it is high quality.
We will be able to make highly informed suggestions to you in order to make sure that you are getting the very best in terms of quality, looks, delivery all provided in a highly time and cost effective manner.
Lumeo will never expect you to take delivery of a video that we ourselves wouldn’t be proud to display, and we pride ourselves on providing cutting edge animated videos to clients in a timely fashion and consistently within budget.


Video animation drives views, engagement and sales, whilst allowing you to get your point across in a simple and succinct manner, which is also interesting or fascinating to watch. The power of animated videos can be seen throughout the end results. Whether it be heightened awareness of your company or brand, increased sales, more user engagement or even a viral effect, the outcomes are key to taking your company to that next step.

Animated videos are an easy and dynamic way of letting your audience know about your products or services and they can mean the difference between a short look around and actual sales. In fact, e-retail website visitors who have seen an animated video stay onsite for two minutes longer than the average user and are 3 times more likely to complete a purchase or enquiry after having seen an animation video.

Young entrepreneurs have been using animated videos to promote their company and gage user reactions, while spreading awareness throughout their target market. A short and easy-to-understand video animation can help audiences to wrap their minds around even the most complex products, or conversely, present something that is really simple in an interesting and engaging way.

Animated videos are often utilised by mid-size companies and larger organisations for presentations, TV adverts, online web content, and on social media. Social media posts which include visual content, such as animation, are much more likely than all-text posts to gain large numbers of interactions, including Likes, shares, and comments.

The average human attention span ranges between 5-12 minutes, depending on the level of interest that one has for what they are engaged in. Providing the perfect time frame for a video, this allows you to communicate efficiently and effectively with your audience, ensuring your message is well received.


Too many companies feel that they can simply work from a template, then get a few details from each client and push them in wherever they will fit. This is what we at Lumeo would deem truly shocking service and we know that it will consistently result in a sub-standard final product. That is why at Lumeo we pride ourselves on the depth with which we take each client’s requests and the measures we go to in order to ensure that we are providing as perfect a video as possible. We take a view of your organisation from the ground up, noting your other products and services, your attitude, your ethos, your goals and ambitions, your company profile and so on to make sure that we provide a video that truly speaks for you as an organisation. Customers can tell when a video has been hastily cobbled together, and they never react positively. This is why Lumeo specialise in high quality, professional animated videos that are going to consistently speak to your intended customer base in a highly effective fashion.


Unfortunately, many companies let the high costs of professional animations turn them off from the real power of this marketing medium. Some companies even attempt to create low quality videos in-house. As dynamic and powerful as video animations can be, bad videos can be just as persuasive… in a totally negative way – giving potential customers a bad impression of your company. Rather than adding poor quality videos to your site, you’re probably better off not adding any animations at all. Now your company can stand out from the crowd and you don’t need to spend $20K in order to have a professional animation produced for your site. With Lumeo, you can start enjoying the benefits of an awesome animated video including a professional voice over for under $5K. The financial investment is well worth the results, allowing you to get your message out there and help your business thrive, even through harsh economic conditions. With a heightened ROI, you will see your business soar as you reach each individual goal you had set.


Unlike text, videos are quickly and easily spread around the Internet. Allow your customers to do the marketing for you by creating a short animation video that they can easily share with their friends on their popular social networking websites. Moreover, the click through rate of emails that includes video increases 2-3 times. Now imagine the power of engaging 2-3x more of your customer database simply by adding video.

With an extended reach, you can increase and gage interactions from new and potential clients, allowing them to absorb the information you have presented, and make a purchase decision. With increased interactions come increased sales, allowing you to grow your business and even expand your target audience. You never know the kinds of customers you could be missing out on by not making an effort to engage.


Our animated videos are of exceptional quality and this means they are able to be adapted for use in a wide range of fields and purposes. Whether you are looking for a light and upbeat informative video or you are looking for something a little more professional and toned down in approach, Lumeo have the tools required to provide you with perfection.

All you have to do is tell us what you want. Tell us your requests, your ideas, your questions and your queries. We will be able to provide you with advice that takes the best of what we have learned over the years, allowing you to have a final end product that you can truly be proud of.

If you just have a few general ideas and are looking for a team to help you collate them into something more complete, or you have a video basically fully formed in your mind and you just want it to be made a reality, Lumeo are here to make it happen for you.


Lumeo take with great pride the strength of our service. We offer a truly unbeatable range of services designed to help organisations speak to their audience in a concise, engaging manner.

Customer service is what we do better than anyone else, and we provide on a consistent basis exceptionally well made, professional quality animated videos to a wide range of clients.

So if you are looking for an animated video that will suit your purposes, whatever they may be, simply get in contact with Lumeo today!





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