The biggest explainer video mistakes

A few explainer videos are excellent, some a great, and a lot are disappointing. Follow these tips and avoid being in the disappointing bunch.

Don’t be a used car salesman

No one has time for the traditional style of being shouted at by an ad anymore. People are watching your video because they want insightful information. Give them exactly that. Explain to them why your product is so good, don’t sell them. Educate them.

Don’t underestimate the voice over

The animation is key, but the voice over guides the viewer through the video. It’s the little things in this one that make the difference. The right tone, the right accent, the right speed – these little things will take your explainer video from mediocre to amazing.

Don’t overload your video with visuals

Visuals help the viewer dissect the information in a interesting way. Having colourful flashing images doesn’t help your viewer, in fact, I’m willing to say that your viewer will turn away at the sight of that. Make sure that your animations are purposeful and not overloaded. The animation isn’t the aspect that we want the viewer to remember, we need them to remember the product/service!

Add humour, don’t go too far

Humour can be a great way to engage your audience and generate personality for your brand. Don’t take this too far. Coming off as awkward and unfunny will leave you as the loser uncle at family dinners. Trying to push jokes in wherever he can

Don’t cheap out on this one

This is the video that people are going to see when they first hit your website. It is like the first impression that your company gets. Well, second. The first is your website in general, the second, the video. That’s like with people, the first impression is how you look, the second is how you speak. You don’t want to sound like an idiot. This is something that is worth the investment, don’t look like a cheapskate.

DO have a call to action

Give your audience something to do. Whether it be to make a call, visit a website or clap their hands, give your audience something to do after they watch your video. The worst thing imaginable is to create a great explainer video and leave your viewer



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