How to differentiate a good and bad explainer video company?

Creating an explainer video is a serious job. Unless you’re skilled in animation, voice overs, script writing and storyboarding, we suggest leaving it to a professional. Now this is where it gets tricky. As soon as you google something like ‘Explainer Video’ – you will be inundated with different companies telling you how they will … Continue reading How to differentiate a good and bad explainer video company?

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Case Study: Tongln

I’ve got a great idea, hear me out: Online shopping is a really cool tool that everyone uses and we have the best access to all the products all over the world. BUT, this is driving consumerism. A problem we have in the world at the moment where people buy and shop beyond their needs. … Continue reading Case Study: Tongln

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Communicating the complicated

I’ve heard it before and I will continue to hear it. So many businesses have a great product and are completely unable to sell it because their customers don’t fully understand what they are offering. Whether it be a new app, an online software company or a revolutionary product. These concepts can often be hard … Continue reading Communicating the complicated

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What you can learn from Google’s explainer videos

The biggest thing to learn from Google is that explainer videos aren’t a one time thing. Google uses explainer videos for everything, from educating about specific products to launches and to branding exercises. The fact is, explainer videos and a compelling and interesting way to get through to customers, so take Google’s advice and use … Continue reading What you can learn from Google’s explainer videos

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How to create an engaging ‘About Us’ page

The ‘About Us’ page on a website can almost seem like something irrelevant and outdated, but in reality it is a key part to any successful strategy. Before we get into the grittiness of how to make it great. Lets have a look at why this page is so important: It is the page that … Continue reading How to create an engaging ‘About Us’ page

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