Communicating the complicated

I’ve heard it before and I will continue to hear it. So many businesses have a great product and are completely unable to sell it because their customers don’t fully understand what they are offering. Whether it be a new app, an online software company or a revolutionary product.

These concepts can often be hard to break through the market if the consumer is not fully ready for the product. The way to combat this unreadiness, to educate! If consumers are able to easily understand how the product works and how it can directly impact their own lives, it will be a success.

Take for example, Neto.

A new service offering from Telstra, offering businesses an all in one online software platform and shopping cart experience for their users. But that is a bit wordy and confusing, so have a look at this:

So there you have it, now you fully understand Neto and this blog post is over…

I could end it there, the video is that good that you don’t need any more information, but lets break it down. It starts with a business owner in a familiar position of wanting to grow their business online but without the knowledge on how to do it effectively. And there it is, a solution, wrapped up in a nice thought bubble, and funnily enough, that is exactly the product that is being offered!

The use of animation to convey complex ideas can make things incredibly simplistic. From slide changes, to expression, visualising ideas and problem solving solutions. Animation can literally do anything (because it’s not real) and can be a great way to showcase hard to explain ideas.

So there you have it, next to you have a head scratcher and you just cannot think of the best way to articulate something…. Animation it is.



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