don’t hold back your gopro potential: how to master the popular video recording device

Here at Lumeo, we love seeing emerging technology trends, particularly in respect of new video and camera devices and techniques, and there are more and more tools and devices being created and released every day. One particular entertaining and easy-to-use device that we are sure you have heard of (and that we have loved to trial) is the GoPro Camera. The idea of this device came about through a need for quality action photos. The founder of the company, Nick Woodman, decided there was a gap in the market for high-definition personal cameras that captured images with professional angles, generally in extreme action situations. The GoPro Company was founded in 2002 and has, in the past 10 years since its first sale in 2004, grown into a thriving brand, known and used across the world. The ease of using the this camera comes about thanks to its size and simplicity. These two features are examples of new technology flawlessly adapting and integrating into everyday life. The perspectives able to be captured on this kind of camera mean that family and friends can now, more than ever before, be in the moment with you as you travel, surf, ski, or complete any other activity.  

understanding the gopro models & accessories

As of October 2014, GoPro sells three fixed-lens cameras. Two of these don’t have a viewfinder and the other one includes a touchscreen viewfinder. There have been 9 released generations of cameras, each with slightly improved performance thanks to technology advancements over time. If you are considering purchasing a camera for your animated video production, the HERO4 (their most recently released camera), was released in September 2014 and offers numerous developments as compared to the original version of the product. The camera already produces various accessories for its camera such as:
  • Mounting devices including the chest mount (great for its ability to capture first-person perspective), adhesive mount, the pole mount (otherwise known as the ‘selfie-stick’), tripods, etc.
  • Waterproof cases and frames
  • GoPro Studio (a simple video editing software)

shooting time-lapse videos with your gopro

Whilst timelapse videos are typically associated with construction sites and nature clips, they are a fun and unique way to capture really anything you want. Video production in the form of timelapse videos could be an effective addition to any businesses landing page or marketing strategy. See below for some recommendations if you are considering using your device for time-lapse recording.
  • Use a tripod and secure the camera in place to ensure nothing will move as this will throw off your whole creation
  • Consider the duration of what you’re shooting and ensure you have enough space and memory.

the lens difference

If you have used one of these devices or viewed one of their recognisable videos before you will see that there is a noticeable difference with a GoPro camera, that is, it has a wide lens, and only a wide lens. The wide lens gives a fish-eye effect and whilst you are able to lessen this effect by choosing wide, medium, or narrow fields of view, you will never get a completely normal looking shot typical of the majority of camera devices. Embrace the wide-lens effect and get creative. Use your GoPro for tight spaces, perspective shots, selfies, and heaps more.  

time to purchase!

The camera is waterproof, durable, and relatively inexpensive. With society having far more options in terms of creating and distributing their own forms of media, now is the time to purchase and start exercising your creativity.   Lumeo are constantly looking for new ways to achieve better animated video production results using new technology and techniques. Get into contact with the team today to discuss a new video project for your business.



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