why employing a video marketing company in 2015 is crucial

You’ve probably heard about the need to incorporate video into your marketing campaigns. Whilst you were planning on getting this going in 2014, somehow, it still hasn’t happened. With 2015 only a couple of weeks away, make it your goal to hire a video marketing company in the first few weeks of January, or even better, get acquainted with one now. We hear Lumeo is pretty great at what they do…  

set your sights high

A study of the global businesses making the best of use of video marketing shows that French Connection, the fashion brand, is a great example of a brand that regularly pushes video onto its networks in an effort to attract and maintain the interest of customers, as well as providing them with something a bit unique compared to other fashion labels. See a few of their examples on their social media sites, YouTube channel and website. Videos regularly released by French Connection include seasonal fashion updates, tips, “teasers” for upcoming collections, and short film clips. When, 5 years ago, simple images of a brands upcoming collection was enough, these days, video channels with regularly posted clips, up-to-date and interactive social media platforms, and a easy-to-use website are necessities to stay ahead in the market, and appeal to your customers. Instagram, an image and video sharing social platform is hugely popular with the general public, and gaining popularity amongst brands. These days, there is certainly no shortage of creative and unique strategies from video marketing company’s to engage with customers.  

not yet convinced on the necessity of a video marketing company for your brand? take a look at these stats*

  • The average user spends 88% more time on a site integrated with video
  • Emails with video incorporated results in a 96% increase in click-through-rate
  • 59% of executives would rather watch than read
  • 1 minute of video translates to 1.8 million words (!!!)
  • After viewing a video on your site, customer purchase intent increases by 85%
  • Video increases your chances of being located page 1 on Google by 53 times in comparison to no video
94% of consumers are watching videos from their desktops at least once a week, this percentage decreasing slightly for both mobiles and tablets. However, this does not mean you should disregard the need to optimise your video (and site) for other devices. In fact, with mobile traffic set to increase 13-fold by 2017, doing this is more important than ever before. Don’t let your brand fall behind and lose potential customers, ensure your marketing strategy is up-to-date. If these statistics aren’t enough, just have a read of this blog post written by us A simple video located on a websites homepage increased sales to $24 million, that information alone should be enough motivation to make 2015 your year to have an impact through online videos. * Statistics from



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