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Getting your business’ name out there can be a somewhat difficult task, especially if you are unsure where to start or how to go about it. One method of relaying or presenting information to your target audience in a way that will entertain and appeal to them is through the use of classic video animation and 3D animation. Video animation involves the creation of motion graphics that can be used to interact with your audience and turn something somewhat dull into something truly fantastic.

why take advantage of animation?

Studies have shown that visual content is far more engaging than purely textual content. The human attention span is fairly short, meaning that in order to capture someone’s attention you must be efficient, informative, and straight to the point. A short animation video can do just that, allowing you to get your message across in minutes, or even seconds, depending on the depth of the content that you would like to go into. Many well-known and popular companies have used animation to promote their brands and inform their customers of all the new and innovative endevours they have embarked upon. These are truly effective. Animation is all around you at all times of the day. It is almost impossible in our modern lifestyles to go a day without viewing some sort of video clip. Examples of companies that have taken advantage of production studios to develop a unique and marketable video include BMW, McDonalds, RMIT University, and plenty of NFP organisations, among many more. The reason why these companies use video is because it has the possibility to turn viewers into potential customers. Not only this, animation can be used to target a wide range of audiences, from children to grown ups. Another option is to have a video created for the use of the company internally, such as to make an OH&S safety video or a training video.

how can the animation be used?

Video animation can be created for TV advertising or online channels of communication such as company websites and social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. The best way to get started on your animation project is to speak to any of the number of studios in Melbourne to find out which one will work best and cater to your specific needs and requirements. There are a wide range of fantastic animation companies and studios that can help you, ensuring your video turns out exactly as you want it.

what is the process for creating a video?

The usual process for video creation is that you will provide a brief to the animation company that you choose to work with and they will then create something brilliant based off your specific requirements. The brief may include items such as your mission statement, company vision, the target audience and the main message that you are trying to get across. Based on this, the team will create a concept that can get your message across in the most creative and engaging manner possible in order to create a buzz amongst your current and potential clients. Once the concept has been created, most animation studios will provide you with a storyboard, which shows the different scenes that will make up your video, Lumeo ensure that you are happy at every step of the creative process including concept, ideas, and storyline. If you are unhappy with anything or feel as though something needs to be changed, now is definitely the time to say so! The final step is the actual creation of the animated video. This is the most exciting part of all, both for the Lumeo team, and of course, our client. Video animation is a great way to reach viewers in their homes and get them sharing and spreading these videos around the Internet. Videos that go viral will of course be an enormous opportunity for the growth of your business. For more information about our production process, our team, or just any other questions, contact the team at Lumeo.



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