How much will my web video cost?
Your video will cost $5,990 plus GST for the first minute and $500 plus GST for additional 15 second intervals. There’s no hidden costs or expensive variations; just a low cost, quality solution, tailored specifically for small, medium and large Australian businesses. We’ve done our research and can tell you our pricing structure will provide the best solution available in Australia.
I need this urgently, how long will it take?
Often our web videos are generally completed within two (2) weeks but will depend on your specific approval timeline. We have an extensive team capable of working on projects quickly.
I hear many web videos are completed offshore. Is that right?
That may be the case for some companies trying to enter the Australian market, but our company produces everything in Australia. We are a proud employer of Australian talent and strongly feel our videos are more creative and more closely geared to the Australian market as a result.
How much involvement do you need from my team?
It’s really up to you. We can do as little or as much as you require. The price is the same regardless of your involvement; we’ve just found that many clients prefer to be involved in some way.
I am thinking of a video longer than 2 minutes. What do you think?
Our experience suggests that a corporate video should not exceed 90-120 seconds. For as long as advertising has been in our lives, video messages have been between 30-60 seconds. People start to switch off if the message is too long. If you have a lot of information to provide, consider breaking it up in two (2) different messages and embedding it in different parts of your website.
Why are videos so effective?
Besides the ability to appeal to different learning style, web videos allow people to find out more information about your company when they’re ready. Many people are forecasting that TV advertising will no longer be viable in years to come; it seems that recording programs and fast-forwarding ads is rapidly becoming normal. The trend is not extending to websites; people are staying on sites longer and watching content based on their specific interest.


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