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explainer videos 101

You’ve heard about the advantages of adding explainer videos to your content marketing strategy – how it is one of the simpler and more efficient video options for your business to carry off and how it is sure to grow your sales by providing customers with valuable and relevant information. However, with “marketing experts”, video production companies, and SEO specialists alike, all telling you that you must include a video into your businesses strategy, the question you must ask is – why? The proof, that adding thought provoking and unique explainer videos is beneficial, is in the DropBox story. To discus the creation of an explainer video for your business, contact us today.

the company

DropBox, a cloud storage application that allows users to store and share important files anywhere, started out as a small company using marketing techniques such as AdWords to try and get the word out about their business and attract customers. After realising that the amount they spent on AdWords in comparison to actual conversions and sales was simply not justifiable, they decided to explore alternate marketing methods. The final decision came down to the inclusion of a $50,000 video, available for viewing on the website. The results have been overwhelming; the video allowed the start-up company to grow from 0, to well over 100 million users, in just 5 years.

why explainer videos?

How many times have you been asked about what exactly it is your business does? Next time – answer the question with the use of explainer videos to show potential and current customers what you’re all about. A video, unlike a block of text, has the opportunity to be hugely engaging. In fact, a study by Forrester Research in 2009 found that 1-minute of informative video was equal to 1.8 million words – that’s a lot of blog posts. Viewers appreciate a short and appealing clip, and businesses are sure to reap the rewards of their attention. The key notion here is short – 1-3 minutes of video is all you need. Capture attention, and ensure a higher amount of retention from your viewers with a video not exceeding this length.

harnessing the power of social media

Another element that the DropBox team made use of in terms of spreading the word about their product was the power of social media. The DropBox team encouraged their users to spread the word about the product through sharing the video on social media, with the added incentive of more storage space for free.

the power of video production

The power of video meant that DropBox users grew exponentially in just 5 years. If you aren’t already one of DropBox’s 10 million users and you haven’t seen their website, check it out now. It is one of the more simple websites on the net – with just a simple Call-To-Action and a video explaining how to use the product – users are immediately drawn in. With examples displaying just how powerful videos can be for business cropping up all over the place, now is the time to take advantage of a video production company and utilise their experience for your own business. For some of our favourite videos, check out the Lumeo YouTube channel – here.



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