How to maximise your videos on Facebook

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Video is huge, we all know that by now. It’s growing and it’s the future of online advertising.

What you may not know is that Facebook is actually experiencing the biggest growth of video sharing on the internet, see graph below:


Now I know what you’re thinking… I put my video on Facebook and nothing happened. While that is a common experience for many companies, here are a few tips in order to help that:

Facebook rewards you for spending money

Yes, relatively uncool by Facebook but smart. Your audience reach will significantly improve when you start to boost your facebook posts. You can even choose “Get Video Views” in Facebook’s ad creation tool, which will put your video in front of people who are most likely to watch. Assuming your video is made well and has an obvious call-to-action, all you need is video views and the video will do the rest.

Know your audience

I babble on about this topic more than anything else. I see people yelling at people who are not even remotely interested in their product and then they get annoyed when no-one is buying anything. If you aren’t talking to the right people, no matter how good your ads are, they aren’t going to convert. Know your audience, demographics, interests, behaviours, connections, anything you can think of and target them through Facebook. It will make a world of difference.

For an even better targeting tool, use the custom audience on Facebook from your own website. Basically, you put a tracking pixel on your website and then anyone who goes on Facebook after being on your website will see the ad.

Choose a good thumbnail

Just like any other video hosting platform, Facebook allows you to choose a thumbnail to be in place before someone clicks play. This is more important than it may seem. This will quite literally dictate whether people click on your video or not. Build interest or mystique, something that compels people to click play, and if you don’t think that your video contains any images like this, you can even upload a different image.

Use the metrics

Facebook is all about data and the analytics that they share with you can be very useful. They offer a retention curve which shows you where in the video that the majority of your audience stops watching. Using this will show you exactly what interests your users and what to do better next time.

Now go, go forth and prosper on Facebook. Use this great service to get your message out there!



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