the insiders guide to script writing for web videos


create a professional greeting & sign-off script

  An introduction where you state your name and let people know a little about yourself is usually your first point of call when meeting someone for the first time. This polite and expected conversation-opener is a great way to attract your new friends attention and show a bit of your personality. One way to ensure your video achieves its main goal of attracting and maintaining customers is to create and set a greeting script (usually of about 10 seconds in length) into your video content that depicts your business name, and the most relevant information in regards to what it is exactly that your business does. Similarly at the end of your video, you need to briefly state your business name once again as well as a succinct call-to-action. If your viewers take away nothing else form your web video ensure it is your businesses name and what they can do to get into contact with you.  

consider voice-over tone in your web videos

What demographic does your audience belong to? What kind of customers do you want to attract? The overall tone of your video is going to affect whether or not your viewers stay, watch your entire video and decide to purchase a product or service from your site, or whether they will leave your site within the first 10 seconds upon arrival. The kinds of tone you want to avoid include patronising or condescending voice-overs, as your audience will feel as if the company does not understand them or their needs. In terms of voices used, it is crucial to use a voice that aligns with the product or service being offered. Humour is a great tool to use in web videos as it gives your company a relaxed vibe, however it does need to be used correctly for full effect. Tone and voice-type is a very important aspect to your video and can be one of the hardest things to get right.  

write conversationally and keep consistent

One of the best ways to reach out to, and maintain the attention of your audience is to talk to them using a conversational, friendly, manner. You want your viewer to believe you are very real, authentic, and helpful with your business approaches. This needs to come across in your video clip; otherwise, you run the risk of your business losing customers. It is crucial to keep consistent across the entirety of your video, whilst it may be tempting to do as much as possible within your marketing clip, remember, this approach is only going to confuse the viewer. Combining a sales sort of video with a brand overview or testimonial, all in the space of less than 2-minutes, is only going to leave the viewer confused about what and how they should proceed with your business. Whilst you may wish to cram everything into the one video, just pick one aspect of what you want to get across to your audience and go with that. If you want more information on the types of web videos you should look to creating for your business in the long term, speak to the team at Lumeo.  

give your script another once-over

One last thing before you begin animating or filming your web video – it is essential you check your script over one last time to smooth out any mistakes or imperfections. The way our script sounds written compared to how it sounds spoken aloud are two very different things. Use the above tips to connect with your audience and increase customer engagement to both your video and website. Writing a script for your web video will take time and effort, however, using the above approaches is going to pay dividends in the end.



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