instagram vs vine: promoting your business using new social platforms

In 2015, a majority of the businesses are doing their best to jump in on the trend of video marketing. The growing popularity of platforms like Vine, and more recently Instagram video has taken the field of video marketing by storm. While to the naked eyes of an amateur both the platforms may be the same, they have certain differences that make them distinctive in the way they are used. If web video productions are one of the elements of your marketing plan; it is important to know which platform is suitable for your needs. This article will give a brief idea about how Instagram videos are becoming more favourable options for businesses.

vine vs instagram: the key differences

When it comes to deciding between Vine and Instagram, several companies who specialise in web video production find it to be a challenging process. While Vine encourages creativity; Instagram encourages branded content. However, the two platforms differ significantly on the three key points mentioned below:

1) Length

Vine allows users to upload videos with a length of 6-6.5 seconds while Instagram allows users to upload videos of 15 seconds. From the perspective of marketing, one can argue that 6 seconds is not sufficient time to narrate the story of the brand. This feature makes it possible to create more branded content.

2) Functions

Both the apps are available across devices supported by different platforms. Apart from the in-app recording feature, both the platforms have a different set of functions.


The camera on Vine records only when the screen is touched. It also allows users to edit their videos and at the same timeoffers the stop motion effect. Some of the other features of Vine include the grid and ghost image tools. They also allow users to loop the video, which gives it a GIF feel.


Apart from allowing users to take pictures and shoot videos, Instagram provides several other features. It allows users to geotag their pictures and share them through a photo map. For their video features, Instagram provides 13 different filters to add to the video. Similarly, it provides several more options to share the content through. Users are able share their Instagram videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr. This works in favour of businesses, as they are able to share their content on several different platforms, catering to several different markets.

3) Audience

Every social media platform allows business owners to reach a specific demographic. When it comes to choosing between Vine and Instagram, the audience reach parameter is very important. Although Vine succeeded in acquiring several users soon after its launch in 2012; today they have about 40 million users. On the other hand Instagram has about 130 million users and continues to grow each year. Based on these figures, there can be no argument that Instagram is capable of providing a wider reach as compared to Vine.

ways to use instagram video to promote a business:

There are several ways a business can include Instagram videos as a part of their marketing strategy. It is very important for every business to know the different ways in which they can utilise the platform. Some of these are:

1) use of hashtags for branding

Hashtags play a significant role in the success of Instagram. Several brands can be seen using hashtags in their 15 second long videos. The use of hashtags in web video productions allows brands to extend an invitation to their fans and followers to take an action of some kind. Most companies use hashtags by promoting a cause, a contest, or just the brand name.

2) make use of real time to make the brand appear more real

Most businesses want to appear to be more human in the way they are perceived by the audience. By using a real time element in web video production, it is possible to connect with the audience at a personal and intimate level. By using Instagram video to present the culture and style of the company in 15 seconds the audience absorbs the information far more readily.

3) create a portfolio

Small businesses can use Instagram video efficiently to highlight their skills, products, and services in several ways. By creating several short videos of the work they do, businesses can create a visual online portfolio. Similarly, these short videos can also be used to give a small demo of the product, or to answer questions associated with the business or its services. The list of what you can produce in video format is enormous and offers plenty of variety for content creation. Some of these videos can also play a key role in adding value to your social media community and fostering engagement. While there are several ways one can make use of Instagram video to promote their business; it largely depends on what they wish to gain from it. If you would like to know more about producing web videos, get in touch with our team here.



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