how to make viewers watching explainer videos convert to leads

The amount of people viewing web videos is constantly growing, it has been found that by 2016, the number of people who regularly watch online videos such as corporate, animated and explainer videos, will increase to 1.5 billion. It’s all very well including videos on your businesses webpage and YouTube channel. However, with more and more people creating these videos, standing out from the crowd is harder than ever. Below we have outlined few tips to keep in mind in order to increase viewer engagement and, more importantly, generating landing page conversions.  

tip 1: include explainer videos on your landing page

Chances are you’ve spent months working on your site. Factors such as market research, keyword research, onsite content creation, and design have all been taken into account in an attempt to secure more site traffic and, as a result, customers. So, you’ve spent all this time and money – however, your page still isn’t converting. What next? Research has found that pages with video show consistently higher conversion rates than those without. It’s also very interesting to note that conversion rates are higher even if viewers don’t watch the full video. Today’s consumer is searching for information. What better platform for dispersing information that will be enjoyed by the public than through video? In order to measure the engagement of your customers and video viewers, there are numerous strategies and software that you as a marketing manager, business owner, or industry leader should be aware of.  

tip 2: capture attention early

You will lose the majority of viewers of your explainer videos within the first 10 seconds. Even if you believe your video is amazing and truly ‘one of a kind’ within your industry, chances are (and data has found), it is within the first 10 seconds that you need to capture, and retain, the attention of your audiences. These very rapid rates of approval or disapproval of your video can be put down to society today needing instant and continuous entertainment. This brings us to the question – how can you keep your viewers engaged? Studies have found that videos under 120-seconds are going to perform optimally in terms of capturing, and holding, viewers attention.  

tip 3: small businesses are leading the way

Don’t make the mistake of considering marketing explainer videos as only necessary for the big businesses. With the rise and rise of video production companies catering to smaller businesses with smaller budgets, there is definitely something out there for you – no matter the size or budget of your business. How can you be sure that online explainer videos will work for your business? If the statistics aren’t enough and you are still unsure of the necessity or benefit that will come from creating a web video, it is time to do some testing on your landing page. Testing your landing page through ‘A/B Testing’ without video, and then again with video, is a great way to find out whether video will work in terms of bringing potential customers to your site. Take a look at some of our favourite videos the Lumeo Channel on YouTube.



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