metro trains viral animated video still impacting the public with new app launch

For every 10,000 animated videos created in production companies around the world, less than 5% of these actually go viral and achieve global recognition and millions of viewings on YouTube. There is not much more in the way of satisfaction for a video production company that achieving “viral” status for one of the videos the team has created. One such viral video that achieved outstanding coverage around the world was “Dumb Ways to Die”. This clip was made by a Melbourne advertising agency in 2012. Since its release, it has clocked up more than 110 million views on YouTube. If you search for the video you will also come across multiple parodies and spin-offs by fans. The catchy song accompanying the clip reached the top 10 in the iTunes chart within 24 hours of the videos release. No one had any idea just how big the video would be and it certainly astonished the train transport company, for which the video was created.  

the follow-on from the video

Since the original video was made, Metro Trains have been able to further their brand reach and continue playing off the positive reviews the original video managed. The message has been relaunched through a new game app available on app stores. As they say, if it continues to work, don’t change it, certainly applies here. With a recorded 70-million app game downloads, Metro have certainly hit the jackpot with this fun and catchy message.  

how to achieve “viral” status

Sorry, there is actually no “set-in-stone” guide to achieving viral status on any animated videos created. No one can know when a video is going to go viral; however, there are often similarities between videos that go viral. If you want the clip created for your business to achieve optimal coverage there are a few things you can do.

1. make your audience laugh

Not all, but the majority, of animated videos that achieve the most views and social shares online have one thing in common – they are designed to make their audience laugh.

2. give your viewers something unique

To achieve optimal results in terms of gaining more views and shares, give your viewers something they haven’t seen before.

3. don’t over-sell your brand

Another great aspect of Metro’s video is that it didn’t actually mention the brand or company the ad was created for until the very end – where a single shot of the Metro brand comes up on audiences screens, underneath where they are told to be safe around trains.   Animated videos such as the one created by Metro Trains to try and pledge its customers to be safe around trains has certainly resulted in a lot of discussion about its brand and public transport safety. However, do we know if the video has actually meant less train incidents? Metro Trains do not have the figures to demonstrate the campaigns direct impact but we do know it has invoked discussion, which has to be something. Are you interested in invoking discussion in your customers? Perhaps the best place to start would be with the creation of an animated video from Lumeo. Speak to us today about getting your campaign underway.



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