our predictions for animated video trends in 2015

Before reading this article, check out the post we did in regards to trends in terms of online video for 2014 – http://lumeo.com.au/top-5-corporate-video-trends-2014/. There was a 17% increase in digital marketing from 2013 – 2014. People have been moving away from traditional marketing platforms for many years now and now that 2015 is well and truly upon us and it is time to consider the emerging trends in animated video so that you can better target your online video efforts. Check out our top 5 predicted trends for video in 2015.

1. facebook challenging youtube

You may have noticed a few more animated video features being added to the videos showing up on your Facebook feed. 2014 saw Facebook try to stand up and challenge the video giant YouTube by adding features such as a viewer count, and metrics showing how far viewers watch into clips. Thanks to the soaring numbers of video ad spend; it is unlikely YouTube will give up their position as number one video platform easily, except 2015 to be a battle of the video viewing platforms. Read more about the various video platforms on our blog post, here.

2. animated video landing pages

A video landing page is similar to any type of landing page. It sets the tone for you as a company and directs your viewers to what they need to pay attention to first. A video on something other than a landing page is all very well, however, on a landing page, a video automatically says “this is the most important information you need to know about” and in turn, has the power to increase conversions. A landing page is completely customisable, so, depending on the requirements of the video (perhaps it is for a new product or service your company is offering), the landing page can reflect why the customer has been motivated to click onto your video. Remember, as for every landing page, a strong call-to-action that is clear and concise is crucial.

3. better metrics provided to marketers

Finding better ways to measure click-throughs, time spent on video playbacks, and the impact of the campaign is one of the key motivators for marketers. There is constantly new emerging software with the key benefit being to provide more and more detailed information to marketers, who want to know what works, how, and why, when it comes to animated videos.

4. videos made viral through emotion

Think about the videos that you have watched and enjoyed, about the videos that have notched up millions and millions of views on there viewing platform and have thus achieved “viral” status. How have these videos received such a huge amount of attention? It is most likely that these videos had some sort of emotional or nostalgic element that connects with the viewpoints of millions of people around the world. When videos connect with the viewer on an emotional level, they have the potential to get shared over and over again. The strength of the connection to the viewer is crucial and the more social resonance a video has, the more shares it will receive.



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