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what is lumeo?

There are many different ways to communicate information. At Lumeo we produce online videos utilising all three ways people consume material: through vision, sound and feeling. Video production has taken off as technology evolves making creative tools more accessible. You may have noticed that big corporate organisations even have their own TV channels online uploading all types of videos to help marketing, sales, and support departments. At Lumeo, we specialise in animation videos, helping marketing professionals communicate a message in the most effective way through graphics. We call those types of videos, an explainer video. These explainer videos demonstrate the benefits of your product with a style that’s concise, tangible, and most importantly entertaining. Each video is an art piece,   involving a group of talented professionals. First we meet with you to discuss your brief and make sure we fully understand your message. We then start by writing your script, which usually ranges from 60 seconds to 80 seconds long. We find that this average length is long enough to convey the message, and short enough for the average user to finish viewing the online video. This part is always collaborative as you would know your product best. Throughout each stage you have the opportunity to make changes, making sure we create exactly what you want. Once you approve the script, we move on to the style frames which determine how the whole video will look. For this stage, we consider a lot of your branding and target market to ensure potential clients will be able to relate to the video.  Once those are signed off, we then develop the storyboards that will show the visual plan of the whole video. We continue on by sourcing one of our many talented voice over artists and record the script. Then it’s time to get moving on the illustration and animation. Once we are done, we mix the sound punctuating the piece with sound effects to further emphasise the story and then the deliver the file in a format that will work for the video’s purpose. The whole video production process can take between 2 – 4 weeks. More and more Australians are spending more time online, and they’re watching online videos, streaming, socialising, and surfing. Make sure you engage with your audience on their next visit by letting Lumeo make your online video.