The keys for telling a good story

Story telling
Stories grab us. They take us in, transport us, and educate us. This is exactly what an explainer video does, and if you can tell the story well, the interest in your video will be much greater. Here our some of our tips that will ensure that your video is also a great story.

Keep It Simple Stupid

This is key, know what you are talking about. If you can’t tell us what you’ve video is about in once sentence you have serious issues. Ensure that you know exactly what message you are trying to convey. Remember, you only have 160 words in a 60 second spot. Choose your words wisely.

Know your audience

Everyone does this is their day-to-day life. You speak to your mother differently to your boss and your boss differently to your customers. Know who you are targeting with this video and ensure that everything is directed at them.

The script is king

While it may seem that the graphics are the important part of the video, that is only a very tip of the iceberg. The script remains the most important part of video, it will direct the animation and be the backbone of the video. The visuals are there merely to help the viewer remember the information, but the information comes purely from the script. Make sure that it is tight or risk failure.

Keep the technical language to yourself

This can be a common mistake that people tend to make. You’ve been in the heart of your business for a long time, and become comfortable with specific wordings and jargon. But your customers have not. Make sure you do not exclude your viewers before they are given a chance to understand your business.

Have a clear call to action

What is the purpose of your video? I might love your video and have no idea what to do next. What is the desired effect from the viewers? Explicitly tell your viewers what they can do next. Call you, sign up to a newsletter, download an app, think about their purchasing behaviour more, it doesnt matter, but give them something to think about.

Be cool about it

You want to interest your viewer, so make it interesting. Add some humour, create an emotional connection. Don’t push it too far, don’t try too hard, we know that we are asking for a lot, but pretend you’re talking to a friend and make it engaging and natural.



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