The best tips for social video marketing

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Make your title count

There are two reasons that this is important. Firstly, this is your first chance to grab the viewers’ attention. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to click on a video called ‘New shoes I like’ but I’ll probably click on ‘The best new sneakers of 2015’. Secondly, your title is extremely important for SEO reasons. Think about what people might search, and how you can solve their problems.

Pro-tip: for added SEO benefit, make sure you pack your video description with keywords!

What do you really want?

Do you want it to go viral? Think about this, you probably want your video to go viral, but a web video explaining how to get a bank loan is not likely to go viral. Think about what your video is, think about what you want your video to achieve and how you will achieve it. Being viral isn’t always the best for everyone.

Monday or Tuesday

This one is really simple and I’m sure that your personal behaviour would support this as well. Most of us don’t spend that much time on a computer over the weekends so a Friday might not be the best time to upload a video. Upload your video early in the week so that it has time to get some attention.

Make it count

The first few seconds of your video count far more than you could ever imagine. According to ComScore the average attention span for a web user is less than a goldfish, clocking in at just eight seconds. This means that if your first 8 seconds doesn’t capture your viewer, they are going to move on. Aim to engage the audience quickly and explain your video, this will lead to increase viewing time and an increase in sharing.

Be surprising

Nothing will entertain your audience more than a surprise. Whether it is a touch of humour, or a spot of amazement, make sure that your video is interesting. This will definitely lead to an increase in social shares as well as likes.

Narrow your audience

This might sound like the opposite of what you want. Increase viewers by narrowing your audience? The right audience will result in a better audience. Don’t make a video campaign that appeals to everyone because in the end it’ll appeal to no one. By targeting your audience, you will be seen by the right people and shared to the right audience.

Create a goal

Whether it be new leads, video views or click throughs, before you release any video campaign, it is important to set measurable and achievable goals. While this wont increase any shares or likes, this will lead to a far better campaign the second, third, and fourth time that you launch your video. Knowledge about what time is best to share with your viewers, which parts worked well and which parts didn’t will help in aiding future campaigns.



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