The keys to a successful kickstarter campaign

So you’ve got an amazing idea. It’s going to revolutionize the [insert product topic] industry! Now you need to find a way to get backing for this project. Got it! Kickstarter! But how?

For Kickstarter and other crowdsourcing funding websites, the video is everything. But of course we would say that, we are an animation company instead of trusting us, trust David Wolfe, one of the founders of Olivers, a company who made over 27 times their pledge goal, who said that “The video impacts your success more than any single one thing on your Kickstarter page.”.

But why? If the idea is there, shouldn’t that be enough to convince people to back my project? The problem is clutter. There have been 278,243 individual projects (that’s one campaign per hour for 22 years) and you want yours to stand out! This is why you need the best video.

The first thing you’ll want to try and do is get the attention of the Kickstarter team. The staff choose to feature campaigns on the site based on, among a few other things, how well the project is written and if it has a compelling video. If you can become a featured project, then you have a 89% chance of being fully funded – and we like those odds.

So now you know that a video is pretty important for your chances of success, and here are the best things that you can do to make that video successful:

Be yourself

This is another helpful way to stand out from the crowd. No one on Kickstarter wants to see a corporate video, or a video that they can’t relate to. A great way to do this is to do the voice over yourself – add your personality in. Show off your humour, your excitement and your passion for this project. It really will make a big difference.

Get to it

Don’t waffle, with all the other products out there, people don’t have time to sit around and wait for your video to get interesting. Tell your story. Your product must solve a problems for yourself and I bet it does for others as well. Now tell them how you can help them!

Animation is your friend

Animation can be an excellent tool to use in a kickstarter video for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because you have the ability to showcase a product or service that may not exist yet and may be hard to communicate. It is also extremely engaging.

Don’t forget. Share! Share! Share! The more views that your video gets the more chance you have of being successful.



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