the many features of youtube

Google owned video streaming platform and one of the most popular sites to waste time on the Internet, YouTube, is continually improving the experience of its users by adding and updating tools. Read on to find out more about YouTube’s latest tools and offerings that are sure to make the most out of your businesses animated video productions and hopefully the sales of your business too.

youtube kids

Back in February, YouTube announced plans to release an app specific to children. With many stories emerging of children easily being able to access inappropriate content across the web, the idea of YouTube releasing a child-only app with content appropriate for younger eyes and ears was met with a sigh of relief from worried parents around the world. YouTube Kids is available for free on both smartphones and tablets, it will provide children with a plethora of safe animated video productions and film clips, it is downloadable from Google’s online video service. Below is what is included in the new app:
  • Kid-friendly design
  • Big icons
  • Minimal scrolling
  • Parental controls such as a timer set by parents to limit screen-time
  • Safe videos for children

360-degree video views

Google owned YouTube is now offering support for 360-degree videos, adding another dimension to the site particularly for those with virtual reality headsets such as Google Cardboard. Furthermore, this function is available on Google’s browser – Chrome. Use the function by dragging the mouse to change the point of view around. This tool will be extremely useful for a 360-degree of Google Maps.

subscription service for ad-free clips

At the time of writing, this service is still a rumour, at the moment nothing is certain, however we would love to think this rumour could be made into a certain prospect. A paid subscription option for YouTube’s high quality, original content would be similar to services offered by Vimeo and other quality video streaming sites. Ad-free streaming would certainly appeal to a large group of people who regularly use the service on a day-to-day basis and are sick of seeing ads appear at intervals during their animated video productions. If you would like to discuss getting high quality animated video productions for your business, discuss with the team at Lumeo, contact them here.



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