The things you need to know about email marketing

While it may be surprising to some of you, but email marketing still works. As telemarketing phone calls have gone out of fashion, some thought the same was happening to eDMs (electronic direct mail) however this is not the case. Well… not yet at least! Email marketing can be extremely beneficial to your business, those who make purchases as a result of email campaigns spend on average 138% more than those who don’t!

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get the mostout of you eDM campaigns.

Segment your list!

This might be something that could get overlooked because “it’s not so important” but trust me, it is.

Creating lists within your customer database is integral to your campaign’s success. It gives you the ability to incentivise new customers and engage with repeat customers in order to generate the most value from each segment.

Remember! A repeat customer is worth 3 times as much as a first time customer. So send them what they’re looking for! Not what a new customer needs to know. This is something that must be done consistently over time to ensure that the correct customers are in the correct groups.

Subject line isn’t everything

Don’t get me wrong, the subject line is very important. It’s just… well, it’s not the MOST important.

Senders name is actually the most important factor when consumers are deciding to open an email or not. Now this is a tricky situation, if you put your company name, your customers might not open, if you put something else, it can be potentially misleading to consumers.

This one has to be implemented on a case by case scenario and what is right for your company. But take a minute to think about ‘who’ the email is coming from and what that makes the receiver think.

Images aren’t everything

Yes, okay, I know that they look pretty. I agree, put them in, just don’t make them sit there all alone with no text.

60% of email clients block images by default so there is a very large chance that your customer isn’t seeing the email like you are. This is why it is so important to put text with the email – at least that way, if they do have images turned off it’ll give them a reason to download the images.

Pro-tip: Add alt-text to your images, this way, if they do have images blocked, the alt-text will display where the image was meant to. This will increase response rate by an average of 14%.

Morning mail is where it is at

Well, actually, it isn’t. Mailchimp uncovered that recipients are more likely to open their email after 12pm. Think about it, first thing in the morning people are busy. Now consider who your target audience is. For B2C, maybe an evening email is the best time to catch your customer while for B2B maybe a mid-afternoon email gets them when they are the most free.

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