things to consider prior to hiring a web video production company

Utilising the naturally engaging medium of video has recently been touted as one of the easiest ways to leverage your business and grow its customer base at the smallest effort and cost. It’s time to take advantage of this medium with the help of Lumeo – an experienced and skilled web video production company. There are many aspects that come into consideration once you have decided to implement a web video into your businesses website and/or marketing strategy. The perfect video from a production company – one with the central aim of attracting customers and growing website traffic and sales – is not going to come about without the assistance of your company. After all, the people that know the ins and outs of your company best are the people that work there, not the video production company you are hiring. So, how can you assist the company you have chosen to create a winning film that will answer customer’s questions whilst being engaging and thought provoking? To help the lens portray the passion, hard work, and creativity of your business, review a few of the key points below. Consulting these few aspects, you will be onto a winning website strategy.  

initial consultation with the production company

After conducting research online and making a decision on a web video production company, you will need to set up a time to look at the initial brief for your video. There are a few aspects that your business and its employees should think about prior to meeting with the production company.  

1. what will be the look and feel of the clip?

What is the purpose of the video that you are creating? Is it to educate or train your employees internally? Is it to post onto your businesses home page as an initial point of call for site visitors?  

2. what sort of camera angle/lighting do you want?

Whilst the video production company will have a good idea of the best camera angle and lighting for your video, it is certainly worthwhile contributing your fair share in this respect too. If the company has a greater understanding of various aspects of the clip from the clients point-of-view, it is more likely the film will be well received both by the clients and your businesses customers.  

chosen the final video? your next steps

Now that the video and its editing process have been completed, it is time to think about how you are going to go about getting coverage and viewings so that your business can build its online traffic and customer base.  

social sharing

With social media platforms such as Twitter, Vimeo, and Facebook being some of the largest video sharing platforms, it is crucial that you make your clip available to the general public via your businesses pages on these sites. Who knows, your little video might even make it viral!   If you are interested in having a web video organised for the benefit of your business, contact the team at Lumeo today!



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