the top 5 corporate video trends of 2014

Often the question “why are videos so effective?” is the first one out of the mouths of potential customers. Particularly as we are rolling towards the end of 2014, we thought it would be interesting to unearth 5 of the top corporate video trends from 2014, and discuss how these trends will contribute to the effectiveness of videos in web videos in 2015 and beyond.  

1. short-form, minimal videos

With the emergence of Vine and Instagram video, the need for shorter and more impactful videos arose. We are naturally repelled by the poor images and too much content that is increasingly found on websites. If we land on pages with unprofessional and lengthy videos, it is highly likely we will simply click out of these websites immediately. Make customers want to stay on your page by providing them with a minimal and simple video that acts as a “teaser”, encouraging them to want to find out more about your business. Experience suggests that 90-120 second videos perform best, any longer than this and viewers begin to switch-off. To retain your viewers and ensure higher levels of engagement, keep videos to no longer than 120-seconds each. Ensure clean, easy-to-understand content and simple yet appealing graphics and you are onto a winning formula for your corporate video production.  

2. first-person videos

Thanks to GoPro and other similar technological advances, first-person videos are now increasingly being seen on video blogs and similar creative outlets. Whilst these sorts of techniques were first marketed towards the action-sports crowd, they are now moving into more mainstream video production.  

3. mobile-sharing ability

Looking to find an answer for the age-old question – “how do I get my customers to do my marketing for me?” With corporate video it is simple, your customers will have the ability to share your video with their networks, resulting in an increase in views without much effort on your behalf.  That is, if the video is optimised for mobile sharing. With the use of mobile web access as compared to desktop web access growing by 67% worldwide over the last 12 months, from 17.1% to 28.5%*, it is clear that businesses that are not optimising their sites for mobile access are only going to fall behind compared to their counterparts who are optimising for mobile. Inbound marketing in the form of video shares across a variety of networks will only work wonders; it will simultaneously increase web traffic to your site and grow your business. Where once optimising for mobiles was an afterthought, it now needs to be considered as one of the most important aspects of corporate video.  

4. increased diversity in video content

The same tried and tested formula when it comes to producing videos simply does not cut it anymore. With the huge amount of quality production companies existing in today’s market, the credentials that set the great apart from the good comes down to the variety of the videos this company produces. As previously discussed, first person videos are growing in popularity and are a unique and interesting way to showcase your content. Think outside the square when considering an online video for your business and enlist the help of creative professionals that are going to help in setting your video apart from your competitors. Check out some of our best work on our YouTube channel – available here.

5. audience-specific

The first area that must be considered and acted upon when creating a video is the audience for which it is being made for. Bearing this in mind, there is no point crafting a video that is not relevant or useful to its specific viewers. Be sure to know who your customers are so that you can craft your video to a defined audience. An online video must serve individual clients – their business and their customers, as people will stay on sites longer to watch content based on their specific interests.   *Data sourced from from gs.statcounter –



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