uses of demonstration videos

Demonstration videos are used for a variety of purposes, including the presentation of information on business, products or services. They are used as sales videos, training videos, induction videos or even as part of a pitch or proposal. Demonstration videos are such an effective communication tool because they not only present complex information in a simplified and easy to digest manner, but they also appeal to the various ways that different audience members absorb information: by seeing something, by hearing something, and by feeling something. In fact, as of 2010, almost 60% of senior executives preferred to watch video than read. So if you have something to say, you’re more likely to be listened to in video format. Large blocks of text or graphics don’t resonate with most audience members due to the time required to read and understand the message and lack of interesting stimuli to reinforce the message. Explanatory videos are able to succinctly communicate complex ideas in an interesting way in just two minutes or less, which ensures they are the most effective communication tool on the web.


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