web videos & youtube optimisation – the key to success

We are currently in an era where we are witnessing the rise of web videos at a rapid pace. In the current Internet age, every individual and business has an online presence, and if they don’t then they need to consider implementing a digital strategy as soon as possible. No digital marketing strategy is considered complete without the inclusion of web video and various social media platforms. Using videos to explain the business, its products, and its service is a more certain way to engage and connect with customers. It is possible use video to create content which is customer centric. When customers interact with video content that focuses on them and answers their needs, it provides them with an interactive experience and is far better received.

why are web videos essential

Everyone loves videos. They can be entertaining, catchy, funny, and informative, facilitating easy recall. The popularity of digital mediums means businesses are combining both new and traditional modes of communication in an attempt to boost the effectiveness of their campaigns. Research conducted to study the effectiveness of video strategies revealed that brand recall has been known to grow by about 33% when customers saw a web video online before watching the rest of the content. With nearly every person in developed country owning a smart device such as a phone or tablet video viewership is increasing at lightning speed. Below are some statistics about the popularity of video:
  • The popularity of videos has made YouTube the second biggest search engine on the internet
  • The estimated amount of new videos that are uploaded on the site every minute is approximately 300 hours per minute
  • About 323 days’ worth of video content is viewed on Facebook every minute
  • It estimated that about 25% of the total video views on YouTube are viewed through a mobile device
  • Each day YouTube records about 4 billion video views
The above statistics clearly show that video content has become one of the most important foundations for the ongoing success of a business. Apart from having an innovative and creative video, businesses should ensure they use YouTube effectively to market their business. After all, even the most well made video will be completely useless if it cannot be found and is hidden away in the millions of clips uploaded onto the web every day.

using youtube to effectively market your business

Being the second largest search engine in the world after Google, one cannot ignore the power of YouTube to grow a business. YouTube is a lot more than just a platform to share and store videos. Since its launch, the platform has evolved into an extremely important marketing tool. Three important tips that can be used by a business to make the most of what YouTube has to offer are:

1) creating a youtube channel to reflect your brand

A YouTube channel is nothing more than the home page for a specific account. As a brand, it is possible to customise your channel by uploading logos, identifying your specific colour scheme, customising the tag, and controlling the information that appears on the page.

2) incorporate relevant social network profiles

Every time that you upload web videos it is important to ensure you make use all of your social network profiles to promote the video. When you create a channel, it should contain all the important information about all your different profiles to allow users to connect with your brand.

3) upload videos and get noticed

It is always a good idea to upload a short 2-3 minute video that can explain your business and its core mission and value. This introductory trailer will give your customers a peek into your business and how you work. Additionally you can always add more explainer videos about your products and services for secondary information.

tips to boost your youtube optimisation strategy

Just like you need a strong online marketing strategy to be noticed on Google, it is necessary to have an effective optimisation strategy for YouTube videos, too. While a regular video can get a few likes, adding some of the tips mentioned below will drastically enhance the way your video is received and promoted:

1) research keywords

Keywords are at the core of every online marketing strategy and they apply when it comes to optimising on YouTube too. It is advised one carries out substantial research and finds the keyword that best suits the content you are creating. Once you have identified the keyword, it needs to be included in the title and the description of the video.

2) use captions

YouTube allows captioning for the videos that are being uploading and shared on the platform. By using the captions, it is possible to make the most of Google’s ability to comprehend the content of the video. There is strong potential to improve your find-abilty by using captioning.

3) annotations

While annotations are a relatively new method of improving interactive commentary in videos it’s potential is largely untapped. Businesses are still trying to find the best way to make the most of this feature in their videos. By working with professional videographers, there is a way to create highly professional and engaging web video that will ultimately be more useful to consumers. Annotations allow businesses to add some background information about the video. If used in a smart way, it is possible to create branded content, which can open up any more possibilities. It is also a smart way to link to related videos, channels, or search results from within the video, decreasing bounce rate and ensuring viewers stay on your channel for longer.

what can you do?

In the current landscape of digital marketing, a business cannot reach the heights of success without an excellent web video and an equally brilliant YouTube strategy. As a business if you need to expand your options, it would be a smart decision to get in touch with an expert to help modify your current strategy and incorporate some of the above mentioned tips to boost your business. Check out the Lumeo YouTube channel for some examples of our best work.



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