what is corporate video? video in the marketing mix

Generally speaking, corporate video is video commissioned for use by companies, organisations, or corporations to share facts, information, features, or benefits of the business. However, there are a few key pointers that we believe separate the good from the great in the corporate video world. Our top 3 suggestions are looked at in more detail below. Leave a comment and tell us what you think of our suggestions, or what makes a video stand out for you.

1.    tell a story:

If you want your viewer to remain enthused, you must connect with them on a deeper level than just facts and figures of your organisation, you must tell a story and relate to them at an emotional level.

2.    share beliefs, not just benefits:

Sharing with your audience not only what you do for your customers, but more importantly, how and why you do you do it, will be far more effective than just sharing information on the facts and features of your organisation. Not many brands do this better than Dove. You only have to look at the Dove YouTube channel and you will see a number of ads that connect with the audience on deep emotional levels. Video is growing in popularity at the fastest rate of all new-age mediums. Why? Because of its ability to keep viewers engaged, informed, and above all else, can far more easily persuade viewers than a block of text ever could.

3.    segment your audience:

Just as with any marketing strategy, for any type of business, it is crucial that you segment, or define, your audience. This way, you are better able to ensure you are targeting a certain demographic, and positioning your video to best reflect the motivations, needs, and wants, of this demographic. Your unique product or service is certainly not going to appeal to everyone, therefore, just as you have segmented prior to the product or service release, you must do the same for your marketing strategies – in this case, with video in the mix, it is likely you can use the same data you collected when your business first begun. For example, take a look at viral videos made famous for Dollar Shave Club. The product (and the resulting video as a part of their marketing mix) is clearly targeted towards males of a certain demographic. They have segmented and targeted towards a very specific niche market, most likely males between the ages of 25 – 40, who are conscious of their looks and yet don’t want to pay large amounts of money for long-lasting razors such as those from Gillette. Whilst corporate video is generally seen as a promotional tool, this doesn’t necessarily mean videos must be full of only promotional content. Shopping around for an experienced and unique video companies will help transform your preconceived corporate video ideas into fresh and original productions. Remember, this article may be a good identifier of how to go about getting your corporate video underway, but it is executing that is the difficult part, hiring a video production agency will aid in ensuring your creation presents your organisation in the best light, in a simple, easy to consume, and effective manner. Take a look at some of the examples of corporate video’s we have created for a huge variety of companies on our YouTube channel – here.



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