What you can learn from Google’s explainer videos

The biggest thing to learn from Google is that explainer videos aren’t a one time thing. Google uses explainer videos for everything, from educating about specific products to launches and to branding exercises. The fact is, explainer videos and a compelling and interesting way to get through to customers, so take Google’s advice and use them wherever possible.

Let’s have a look at our first Google example, the most ‘obvious’ and basic use of an explainer video, a new product:

It follows the very simple storytelling plan (which also follows with buyer behaviour principles), starting with problem recognition, moving to a solution, and finally how the end user can use this product. This medium fits incredibly well with this example because it gives Google the ability to illustrate different ideas in a very quick sequence, going from the sun, to money, to real world uses of this new product.

But, product launches are not the only thing that Google uses explainer videos for. Brand Building exercises such as this April Fools video is another example of Google’s explainer videos.

The key things to take out of this is that videos can make fun of themselves. Humour is a great way to convey brand personality across the internet, and when text can be read it very different ways depending on the context and tone of voice, video comes in as a great medium.

Google also uses video as a way to educate its customers on product features:

This is a product explainer video. It explains a product. It is so effective in doing this for a few reasons. Firstly, it takes an incredibly simple approach, by showing the actions of the end user, the consumer is easily able to see how this product would impact on their life.

Secondly, it’s funny. I’ve spoken before how there are a few things that can make an explainer video great and humour is definitely one of them. Another great thing about this video is that it’s quick, straight to the point. The first seen of the video digs straight into the content, there is no waiting around for anything and we think that is great.

Finally, telling the company story can be made incredibly simple through explainer videos:

So there you have it – you don’t have to trust me that explainer videos are an amazing way to interact with customers and are perfect for so many different uses, just trust Google.



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