Where on the Internet Does Your Audience Live?


The Internet is a very, very big place. There’s currently about 1 billion or so live websites worldwide (give or take a hundred thousand or so) – up from just 3,000 two decades ago.

Here in Australia, Internet usage continues to grow at a steady rate, rising by 2% between December, 2014 to December, 2015, when there were over 12.9 million Internet subscribers in the country.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, it means that customers are spending an awful lot of time online these days, and connecting with these customers is more challenging then ever. Companies need to dig deep into both the online, and off-line, habits of their target audience in order to deliver messaging that is engaging and effective.

Designing an effective web-based marketing campaign involves more than just creating a great explainer video, snappy sales ad or catchy slogan – it involves asking lots of questions about your target audience. Who are they, where are they shopping, and what websites do they frequent? What factors influence their purchasing choices, and how do they pick one product or service over the other?

Sure, They’re Using Social Media Sites – But Which One?

It’s not enough to know that your audience is active on social media – you need to know exactly which social media sites your target market prefers, since there are significant differences between the demographics of popular social networks.

According to the latest numbers out of the U.S., the total number of social media users there in 2015 was 179.7 million, with the largest jump in users during 2016 expected to be among those aged 65 and older.

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, continues to be wildly popular among Australians; as of February 1, 2016 there are 15 million users here – a “staggering 62.5% of the total Australian population has a Facebook account”.

Not only do the majority of Australians have a Facebook account, on average, they spend an awful lot of time liking, sharing and commenting online. A recent Nielsen report revealed that “the average time Australians spend on Facebook every day is 1.7 hours.”

So, it goes without saying that Australian businesses need to have a strong, active presence on Facebook, but what about all those other social media sites?

As with our American neighbours, YouTube is popular among consumers here, with Australian-based IP addresses generating about 14,000,000 unique video views per month. Somewhat surprising is the fact that sites outrank Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter here, while Pinterest has fewer than 300,000 members in Australia.

It’s clear that in order to connect with Australian audiences online, companies need to develop and maintain a strong social media strategy that harnesses the popularity of online explainer videos through platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Researching In-Person Purchases Online

When folks aren’t busy browsing their social media feeds, chances are good they’re spending a good portion of their online time researching future purchases through manufacturer websites, review sites and e-commerce sites in advance of making an in-person purchase.

A recent study showed that over 80% of consumers now take the time to conduct online research before buying a product at a traditional brick-and-mortar shop, meaning that chances are good your clients are well-informed about the details, and the pricing, of your products and services long before they arrive on your doorstep.

This means that companies need to stay abreast of online pricing, reviews and comparable products in order to capture the new ‘hybrid’ consumer who blends both online research with in-person shopping.

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