Why you should be using video for your staff training

Staff training can be a make or break moment for staff entering into a new organisation. Managers need to share a huge amount of information with employees in a very short amount of time.

As well as the necessary initial training needed for any new employee, ongoing training is an integral part of any employees learning and upskilling. The classroom method of teaching is no longer viable for companies to undergo – from the various issues of off-site employees to the cost of hiring and rehiring trainers – this method is slowly being forced out.

This is where video slots right in so easily! It is a more effective training method as levels of retention are higher for videos that employees can watch and process at their own time and pace. Video can viewed anywhere at anytime, from the train to work, the office desk or even a coffee shop, this method empowers the employee and gives all employees equal opportunity and access to training.

Let’s delve a little deeper into why video can be such a great medium for training videos:

It’s easier to digest:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but put simply, video is better. It has higher retention rates for viewers than both images alone or text alone and it is far more easy to digest. Can you imagine a world without video? I definitely can’t, and that would be a really weird world considering I work at an animation agency…

It’s easily shareable:

Having a training video that is easily sharable was probably not your first criteria, it probably wasn’t even on your list. But get this, imagine you have a social media page for employees, or you use a group chat system, or even someone in the business asks someone for help with something. Now here is the simple part, the video can be shared between any of these platforms and even peer to peer! It can be watched at any time and all employees have the ability to learn – now that’s pretty cool!


Now I know that this one is important to you – it always is. And while it may seem like there is a heavy upfront cost involved with video production, it is incomparable to the cost of years of training. And don’t forget, given the same processes, video can be used for years. And now I know exactly what you’re thinking, video might last for years but it looks so stupid once it is outdated! Solution: animation. It’s the video that never ages. Take Toy Story for example, that was made 20 years ago!

Ease of distribution

This is another one that you may not have considered when thinking of staff training however it can be very helpful. When the company releases a new process, a new product, a new anything, teaching employees is an absolute must! Now, with video, it is incredibly easy to distribute the training across offices, cities, countries and even language barriers. (When you make a video using animation, you don’t need those bad voice overs that don’t go with the lips, because we will convert your video into any language – seamlessly.)

So there you have it, I know you want it, and it’s far less expensive that you think. So give us a call or request a quote, I’m sure we can help with your HR difficulties.



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