do i need this?

With 23 million people, the Australian marketplace can be considered small when compared to the USA, Europe and Asia. The amount of customers available to your business is limited, and the opportunity to impress them is not often more than a first impression. Don’t you think it’s time for video to do your talking?

how much is it?

Lumeo understands how to get your message to the right customers, in the right way, at the right time. We produce professional explainer and web videos, at a set price of $5,990 plus GST for the first minute and $500 plus GST for additional 15 second intervals. There’s no hidden costs or expensive variations; just a low cost, quality solution, tailored specifically for small, medium and large Australian businesses.

will it attract visitors?

Google loves video and rewards websites by increasing their ranking for having video content available for the public to view. For that reason alone, video should make up an important part of your overall Internet strategy. Talk to us about our range of corporate video solutions and how it can impact your business.

will it help my business?

People learn and absorb information in 3 main ways; by seeing something (visual), by hearing something (auditory) and by feeling something (kinesthetic). Most websites only provide a visual experience and don’t cater to different types of learning. Let us show you how to make your website resonate with a wider audience and increase interest in your business as a result.

satisfaction guarantee

In all our years of delivering web videos to our clients, we’re yet to find a customer who wasn’t delighted with the result of our efforts. For that reason, we guarantee our work and have a simple approach to any company who’s concerned about achieving a great result.  If you don’t like what we produce for you, we’ll do it again… for free! We can’t be fairer than that.